Shortlist the projects

  • Login to Projects Database
  • Search and Shortlist projects
  • Pay through online


  • Our Research Assitant will contact project authrorites
  • Collecet the present progress status and contact details

Generate Lead

  • Update you with project 's contact details
  • Update you on the procurement ststus
  • Mail collatoral on behalf of your company

How it works?

This is unique service offered by us. Search our database and shortlist the project you require sales and prospecting support. Our Research coordinator will contact the relevant projects authorities on behalf of you and your company. Identify the relevant project or purchase managers of your product. If the purchase has not been done for your product, our researcher will mail your brochure and collateral to them with reply to mail addressed to you. You can take that sales lead thereafter for follow up. Under the service each Sales Support Service for the project is priced as low as Rs.300 per project. We can also execute this program on regular basis on lump sum annual or quarterly contract.

Who can use this option?

  • If you are an individual project marketing person assigned to do end to end sales from prospecting to final closure.
  • If you travel a lot on direct sales calls and don not have time to do lead generation
  • If you don’t have lead generating team.
  • You can offload that prospecting support service to us. We generate sales leads on behalf of you. You can avoid spending your precious time on Tele-calling works. Just choose the project you want to work, and leave it to us. Please login to our Projects Database service and start shortlist the projects of your interest. This service is available to our regular project database subscriber also.
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