Published On:May 18 2024
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MMRDA Commences Trials for High-Capacity Monorail Rakes

The Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority (MMRDA) has commenced trials for a recently delivered monorail rake, marking a significant step in enhancing public transportation in the city. Manufactured by Medha SMH Rail Private Ltd, each 4-car train costs approximately Rs 59 crore. These trials, which began three days ago, play a crucial role in ensuring the monorail's readiness, safety, and efficiency before its deployment for public service.

Dynamic trials are underway to evaluate the monorail's performance under various conditions. The primary objectives include identifying and addressing any operational issues, ensuring compliance with safety standards, and optimizing functionality. Initially, the monorail undergoes a comprehensive assessment of infrastructure integrity along its entire route, including the guideway, stations, and power systems.

Engineers closely monitor the monorail's travel for smoothness and alignment, conducting stress tests to assess its capabilities under real-world operating conditions. Simultaneously, rigorous tests are conducted on the monorail's control and communication systems to verify their reliability and efficiency.

The safety systems, including emergency brakes and evacuation procedures, undergo thorough testing to ensure their proper functioning in emergency situations. Data collected during these trials are utilized to fine-tune the system and address any identified issues promptly.

The addition of ten new monorail trains is expected to significantly increase service frequency to over 250 trips, subject to approval from safety authorities, including the commissioner of railway safety. The new rakes boast advanced bogies, signaling, and propulsion systems, enhancing ride quality, safety, and reliability compared to existing models.

Moreover, these new trains offer a 10% higher passenger capacity, accommodating approximately 625 passengers per train, up from the current 568. Safety enhancements include the use of fire-resistant materials capable of withstanding fire for 45 to 60 minutes, a significant improvement over the current 30-minute resilience.

With the induction of more rakes, commuters can anticipate a considerable improvement in service frequency, with intervals reduced from the current 25 to 30 minutes to just 5 minutes. This enhancement is expected to bolster both reliability and ridership, further improving public transportation in Mumbai.


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