Published On:March 22 2024
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"Ramky Infra Secures Rs. 217 Crore Biomining Projects for Relocating Chennai's Kodundaiyur Dumpyard"

Ramky Infra, an environmental infrastructure solutions provider, has clinched two contracts valued at nearly Rs 217 crore from the Greater Chennai Corporation. These contracts are aimed at relocating Chennai's Kodungaiyur dumping ground through biomining.

The Hyderabad-based company has inked deals worth Rs 40 crore and Rs 177 crore for Package 2 and Package 5, respectively, with the Greater Chennai Corporation. Ramky Infra disclosed that the execution time frame for the project spans two years and four months.

The Kodungaiyur dumping ground, in existence for over 50 years and sprawling across 252 acres, has accumulated approximately 66 lakh tonnes of unsegregated solid waste, with an additional 3,000 tonnes of solid waste arriving daily. This accumulation has raised concerns over pollution and the risk of fire outbreaks.

To address these challenges, Ramky Infra will employ biomining, a scientific process involving the excavation, segregation, and treatment of legacy municipal solid waste. The objective is to assist the Greater Chennai Corporation in reclaiming land and enhancing the environment.

The project aligns with Chennai's initiatives to manage its mounting legacy waste and achieve 100% waste segregation by 2030 under the Swachh Bharat Mission 2.0. It also aims to redefine Chennai's urban landscape, as highlighted by Ramky Infra Managing Director, Yancharla Rathnakara Nagaraja.


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