Published On:July 28 2021
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Nigeria: 28 solar mini-grids with total capacity of 2.1 MW to be constructed by mid-2022

In Nigeria, 28 solar mini-grids with a total capacity of 2.1 MW are set to be constructed by mid-2022 for the benefit of approximately 55,000 people residing in the rural regions of the West African country.The mini-grids, seven of which are already operational are being constructed by PowerGen Renewable Energy, the leading developer in Africa of on-grid and off-grid distributed energy. Each set-up has an average capacity of 70 kW or it’s thereabouts, and approximately 4.5 MWh of total battery storage at a typical mini-network volume of around 160 kWh.

Covering about 11,000 connections, the seven sites that are already operational have a total generation capacity of 460 kWp and a storage volume of 1,157 kWh.

Upon completion, the entire project will serve a base of residential, commercial, and productive use customers.

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