Published On:July 12 2019
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S&P Global announces opening of Orion office in Hyderabad.

S&P Global, a ratings, analytics and data services provider to the capital and commodity markets recently announced the opening of its Orion office as part of expansion of its operations in India.

Orion is one of S&P Globals biggest and important strategic centres of excellence for technology talent, reinforcing its investment intop technology talent to accelerate its digital transformation and innovation programmes across the globe, senior company officials said.

In 2017, S&P Global partnered with Ness Technologies to help build the Orion technology centre, they said adding from July 1, 2019, Orion has been wholly owned by S&P Global and all staff in the facility were S&P Global employees.

With over 700 staff members, Orion also provides ongoing support to strategic business programmes and digital infrastructure.

S&P Global has so far invested over $10 million in the Orion facility, S&P Global (managing director- India operations) Abhishek Tomar told reporters.

What began as a 200-member team in India has grown to an operation covering three cities and nearly 8,000 employees, he said.

“Through Orion, our people are empowered to develop the advanced technological skills necessary to deliver value for our customers, while at the same time improving operational efficiency and strategic development of technology services,” Tomar said.

With Orions state-of-the-art facility, we aim to enhance S&P Globals technology and innovation capabilities, serving the rapidly expanding needs of our customers and our business partners, said S&P Globals chief data and technology officer Nick Cafferillo.


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