Published On:March 7 2024
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"Gujarat's Green Hydrogen Technology Set to Illuminate Oman Airport"

An innovative electrolyser developed by Greenzo Energy Pvt Ltd in Gujarat is poised to revolutionize power generation at Oman Airport. The indigenous electrolyser, capable of producing 400 units of electricity per hour, harnesses green hydrogen for sustainable energy solutions.

Founder and CEO of Greenzo Energy Pvt Ltd, Sandeep Agarwal, announced a significant ₹130-crore deal to deploy a 1-MW Alkaline electrolyser in Oman. This initiative marks a milestone in utilizing green hydrogen for airport operations, with potential implications for broader energy needs.

The electrolyser, manufactured locally in Gujarat, will undergo a pilot project integrating green hydrogen production with fuel cells to power the airport. Agarwal emphasized that this endeavor could significantly contribute to the airport's power requirements, offering a sustainable energy alternative.

The process involves utilizing solar power generated at the Oman airport, passing it through the electrolyser to separate hydrogen from oxygen in water. During daylight hours, the electrolyser will produce 18 kg of hydrogen per hour, which will then be stored in tanks for later use. After sunset, the stored hydrogen will be converted back to electricity using fuel cells and atmospheric oxygen.

Agarwal highlighted the cost-effectiveness of the indigenous electrolyser, estimating a production cost of ₹280 per kg of green hydrogen when electricity costs ₹3 per unit. Moreover, the electrolyser boasts round-the-clock functionality, representing a culmination of a decade-long journey in perfecting the technology.

The unveiling of the electrolyser at Sanand, Gujarat, in the presence of Gujarat Chief Minister Bhupendra Patel and dignitaries from Oman, signifies a significant step towards sustainable energy partnerships between India and Oman.

With an order book already amounting to ₹1,200 crore, Greenzo Energy Pvt Ltd's electrolyser project stands as a beacon of innovation in the realm of green hydrogen technology, promising a brighter and greener future for energy production and consumption.


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