Published On:May 4 2021
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New PM residence under Central Vista Redevelopment Project to be ready by December 2022.

The Prime Minister’s new residence, which is a part of the Central Vista redevelopment project, is set to be ready by December 2022. In documents that were made public on Monday on the Parivesh portal of the Environment Ministry, Infra 2’s Expert Appraisal Committee cleared the 10 common official complex buildings, the new residential complex of the PM as well as its special protection group accommodation, the Vice-President’s enclave, the central conference centre, thereby granting it approval, according to an IE report. For the same, the total estimated project cost is Rs. 13,450 crore.

As per the document, the first three buildings of the office complexes that will come up in the place where the Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts is located are expected to be completed by May 2023; the Vice President enclave will be completed by May 2022; the SPG by December 2022; the other seven office complexes will be completed between March 2024 and June 2025 while the central conference centre will be completed by December 2026. On April 12, approval was given for the 10 buildings consisting of the office complexes, the 10 buildings which will comprise the residence of the PM, one special protection group building, the conference centre as well as 29 buildings making up the VP’s enclave.

Once the buildings become operational, the New Delhi Municipal Council will provide a total of 73,440 KW of power and 7,818 KLD of water. As many as nine sewage treatment plants are proposed under the project for the treatment of waste generated by the whole area. Also, rainwater harvesting tanks of 3050 cu.m capacity will be set up.

Currently, the Vista area has a total of 4,642 trees, of which 1,412 shall be retained and 3,230 transplanted. Instead of compensating trees within the Vista area, which will be populated by new buildings along the Rajpath area, the clearance permits for a total of 30,547 trees which will be transplanted as compensation outside the area. However, it does not specify the location. Clearance for this project is not required from state authorities as it falls under the “b” category of Townships and Area Development projects of the Environment Impact Assessment, as the national capital does not have a state EIA authority.


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