Published On:April 15 2019
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Essel World launches interactive bird park.

Bird lovers in the city are up for a treat with Essel World launching an interactive bird park in Gorai recently. The first-of-its-kind rain forest-themed park spread across 1.4 acres is home to over 500 exotic birds from more than 60 species.

Anand Lamdhade, vice-president, Essel World, said that Mumbai’s fast-paced life leaves city dwellers with no time to be in nature’s presence and appreciate the beauty that birds add to the world. He said, “Our main motive was to set up a bird park that meets international standards and lets the city dwellers peep into the birds’ world. The park is carefully designed to ensure appropriate living conditions for the birds. It is meant not only for entertainment but also to spread awareness of different types of birds. I am sure that every person who visits the park will leave with a piece of newly discovered information.”

The park is equipped with small ponds for aquatic birds, dense cover of trees for birds to incubate their eggs and a water stream that offers drinking water to birds. It also houses a special bird’s kitchen and healthcare centre.

Savi Kulkarni, a zoologist and bird handler at the park, said, “The park shelters terrestrial, free-flying and aquatic birds. These birds have been brought from different corners of the world. We first quarantine them, then observe and train them to adapt to the environment in the park. The final step is to shift them to the aviaries.”

Some of the key attractions are flying birds like African Grey Parrot, Blue Gold Macaw, Cockatiel, Rainbow Lorikeet, Toucan; terrestrial birds such as California Quail, Golden Pheasant and Ostrich; and aquatic birds like Black Swan, American Wood Duck, and Mandarin Duck.

‘Extended family’

Rajesh, a robotics engineer turned bird handler, said that he finds joy in his work, which is driven by passion. He said, “All the bird handlers here are bird lovers. We consider these birds as our extended family. I have trained these birds since they were brought here and they have all bonded well with me. They are fed six times a day and water sprinklers installed across the park make sure that the temperature apt for the birds is maintained on the premises at all times.”


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