Published On:March 19 2010
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Iraqi Airways set up a aircraft expansion

Iraqi Airways set up a aircraft expansion Iraq: Iraq's Transport Ministry is trying to speed up delivery of 55 new aircraft from Boeing as the country expands operations of Iraqi Airways.

Iraqi Airways currently owns just four ageing planes and depends mainly on leased aircraft, so the ministry is trying to get a fleet of 55 new Boeing 737s, 777s and 787s, which were not due to arrive until 2013.

55 new planes will meet the needs of Iraqi Airways until 2020, since we are expecting to be more open to the world. That Boeing had been expected to deliver in 2013 but the government is now hoping to receive some this year.

Since then it has gradually started to open up to other countries including Turkey, Germany, Greece, Austria, Denmark, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain and Pakistan.

Iraq has also signed an agreement to open a route to the UK in the near future, and a memo of understanding for routes into the US

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