Published On:October 17 2014
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Telangana Govt to urge SCR to develop Kasai Rly Station to promote tourism in Gandi.

The picturesque spot, Gandi, located at an altitude of about 450 metres in the thick forest on the Adilabad-Maharashtra border will have you lost in nature. The railway line passing through it however, will help you do so without losing your bearings.

Gandi is a spot located on the Kosai-Ambari stretch of the railway line on the Adilabad-Maharashtra border in Talamadugu mandal of this district. In fact, the entire stretch of 7 km along the railway line in Nanded division of the South Central Railway (SCR) is beautifully breathtaking starting from the Kosai railway station, the last of the train stops on this side of the border.

The sleepy Kosai is located about 30 km from Adilabad town and can be accessed through road or passenger trains running between Adilabad and Nanded. Surrounded by hills on three sides, the railway station itself looks idyllic and offers the much desired ‘calm’ for visitors besides a peek into the lifestyle of the simplistic Adivasis living in far-flung areas.

Nature lovers can spend some time at Kosai itself before beginning trekking towards Gandi along the railway line on a gradient which is as steep as 1 in 81 metres. The gradient was reduced by the SCR when the track was converted into broad gauge about six years ago.

During the leisurely days of the steam engine and before reduction of the gradient, railway gangmen used to throw sand on the track so that the engine of the lone Adilabad-Nanded passenger got enough traction to climb the steep hills. Though the number of trains passing on this route has increased over the period, the place still looks pleasantly secluded.

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