Published On:June 21 2024
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ABB India Forms Collaboration with Witt India

ABB India has partnered with Witt India, a leading manufacturer of tunnel ventilation systems, to enhance safety and operational efficiency in India's road tunnels. This collaboration leverages ABB's advanced smoke extraction motors, which are integral to Witt India's Banana Jet Fans. These motors are crucial for managing airflow, controlling smoke, dispersing pollutants, regulating temperature, and ensuring energy efficiency in tunnel environments.

ABB and Witt India aim to set new benchmarks in tunnel ventilation technology, contributing to the development of safer and more efficient infrastructure. ABB's smoke extraction motors have been integrated into several key projects across India, including the Rewa-Sidhi Tunnel in Madhya Pradesh and the Kuthiran Tunnel Highway in Kerala.

Sanjeev Arora, President of ABB India's Motion Business, emphasized the importance of this collaboration in driving progress in infrastructure safety and efficiency. He highlighted that ABB's innovative solutions will enhance safety for commuters by providing effective smoke management, ensuring clear visibility, and enabling safe evacuation routes during fire incidents. The integration of ABB's technology aims to uphold high safety standards, ensuring secure and smooth travel through India's expanding network of road tunnels.


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