Published On:December 11 2023
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"Tajpur Industrial Area in Ujjain Set to Receive 2 MLD Water Supply Boost"

In response to the pressing demand for water from industries in Tajpur Industrial Area, Ujjain, the regional office of the Madhya Pradesh Industrial Development Corporation (MPIDC) has taken proactive measures by floating a tender for water supply. The industrial area has sought a supply of close to 2 MLD (Million Litres per Day) to meet the water requirements of various industries operating in the region.

Tajpur Industrial Area is home to a diverse range of small industries, including rice mills, pharmaceuticals, and manure manufacturing units. The lack of a reliable water supply, primarily dependent on groundwater and tanker deliveries, had hampered the construction plans of several industries in the area.

Owners and stakeholders within the industrial belt, expressing their concerns, highlighted the challenges faced due to the dependency on groundwater and tanker supplies. Gaurav Chouhan, the owner of a metal fabrication unit in Tajpur Industrial Area, expressed optimism about the potential for direct water supply from MPIDC, stating, "Many industries are in the pipeline, but lack of water supply has slowed the pace of construction."

Tajpur Industrial Area, located approximately 17 km from Ujjain towards Maksi, has 212 plots, with 78 plots already allotted to industries by MPIDC. The estimated water requirement for the industrial belt is around 2 MLD.

A recent meeting between industries and senior officials of MPIDC was held in Ujjain to discuss the concerns and requirements of the industries. Rajesh Rathod, the executive director of MPIDC Indore, stated, "We have floated a tender for around 2 MLD water, and soon industries will get the supply. We are working on developing infrastructure across all large and small industrial areas in the region that has the potential and could benefit local industries."

This strategic move by MPIDC underscores its commitment to addressing the critical water supply needs of industrial areas and fostering a conducive environment for the growth of local industries in Tajpur and beyond.


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